¿Cuál es es el equipo esencial de laboratorio escolar?

Schools have a responsibility to provide children with adequate equipment for subjects such as science and technology. Not only does this ensure that they are safe while conducting some potentially dangerous experiments, but it also allows them to get a solid and safe introduction to some fascinating topics.

So in the case of science in schools, what is considered essential when it comes to building a collection of laboratory equipment ?

Some of the equipment that will be used within a laboratory can be used for a wide variety of different disciplines and should therefore be considered basic additions to any laboratory environment.

These general items will often be used on a daily basis for even the most basic practical lessons, so it is important to ensure that you have enough of each piece of equipment for each student, including additional equipment to cover any breakages that may occur. These essential elements include:

Magnetic stirrers

  • Thermostatic Baths
  • Extraction Cabins
  • Colonies Account
  • Heating Plates
  • Shaking Plates


Different disciplines in science often require very specific types of laboratory materials .

  • Lab spikes
  • Double lab nut
  • Soxhlet or Soxhlet Extractor
  • Calibrated Digital Thermohygrometer

In chemistry, you need to make sure you have:

  • Facial Protective Mask
  • Eyewash With Shower
  • Spill Kit
  • Portable Shower With Eyewash

Even if students are relatively safe in schools, accidents can happen. Ensuring that students are safe and secure should be a top priority at any school.

This means providing students with safety masks that they can work with easily, especially if there is a risk of chemicals or other harmful substances coming into contact with students while conducting an experiment. As well as keeping a stock of spill kits and eyewash .

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